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Like a lot of artists, Susan struggles with getting the word out about her music.  She posts on YouTube and Facebook but with everything on those crowded platforms, she struggles with finding ways to stand out and connect with true music fans.

Susan can create a dedicated profile

Susan can upload music and material

Susan can connect with fans and build a following

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Sounds is working to provide a platform that benefits local artists.  Created by Connectus, Sounds is being built as a platform dedicated to delivering tools for artists to manage their brand, identify opportunities and connect with fans.  Unlike other social platforms, Sounds is focused on music while also focused on building connections within local communities.

The Sounds platform provides a unique opportunity for brands to connect with a local community of passionate music lovers.

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About the team

Sounds is a platform provided by Connectus.  Connectus is in a collaborative environment of artists, engineers, marketers and other makers.  

Connectus is a SaaS-focused tech company specializing in the development of cloud-based PR, marketing and media solutions.

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